THE CUSTOMER is responsible for:

Ensuring that THE VEHICLE is returned to Heatherlee Motorhomes in the same condition as when it was picked-up and all the keys associated with THE VEHICLE are kept safe at all times.

Making sure THE VEHICLE is locked when unattended.

Ensuring that the correct fuel is used.

THE CUSTOMER is liable for all costs associated with THE VEHICLE being fuelled incorrectly.

THE CUSTOMER must notify Heatherlee Motorhomes immediately of any accidents, damages or faults associated with THE VEHICLE.

The cost of recovery of THE VEHICLE if it has become stuck in snow, sand or mud.

Paying any costs incurred from damage to THE VEHICLE inside or out.

The costs of cleaning the THE VEHICLE to restore it to its pre-hire condition, allowing for reasonable wear and tear.

Making regular checks on oil and water levels, tyre pressure and tyre condition to maintain good working condition. Failure to do so is likely to incur costs of repair due to negligence.

Ensuring that THE VEHICLE is only driven by the Named Drivers on the Booking Form.

Ensuring that all passengers within THE VEHICLE wear seatbelts when travelling.

All fines and costs (including court costs) for parking, traffic or other offences relating to THE VEHICLE during the HIRE PERIOD.

Ensuring that only toilet paper suitable and recommended for chemical toilets are to be used in the toilet cassette.

Ensuring that no cooking fat or similar is disposed of in the waste water tank if applicable.

Returning THE VEHICLE with a full tank of fuel.

Completely emptying and rinsing the toilet cassette prior to returning THE VEHICLE.

Completely emptying the waste water tank prior to returning THE VEHICLE.

Returning THE VEHICLE in a clean condition including all floors, surfaces, cookware and crockery.

Collecting THE VEHICLE after 4pm on the start date.

Returning THE VEHICLE by 10am on the last day of booking.

Returning THE VEHICLE with full tank of diesel as it was collected (there are 2 fuelling stations in Keith).

Emptying THE VEHICLE’s toilet AND waste water tank to be empty before return.

Returning THE VEHICLE in the same clean condition in which it was collected. This includes pots, pans, crockery and cutlery.

Disposing of any rubbish (bins, waste bags etc) in THE VEHICLE prior to return.

Ensuring THE VEHICLE is kept topped up with fuel, check oil, tyre pressures.


Carry more passengers than the seat belt capacity of THE VEHICLE.

Sell, rent or dispose of THE VEHICLE or any of its parts.

Give anyone any legal rights over THE VEHICLE.

Carry out any repairs to THE VEHICLE.

Let third-party work on THE VEHICLE without Heatherlee Motorhomes’ expressed permission.

Modify or let anyone else modify THE VEHICLE.

Use THE VEHICLE for hire or reward.

Use THE VEHICLE for any illegal purpose.

Use THE VEHICLE for racing, pace making, testing THE VEHICLE for reliability and speed. THE VEHICLE is available only for standard recreational use. It should not be used in sports.

Let THE VEHICLE be driven by any learner driver, any unauthorised driver or any uninsured driver.

Drive THE VEHICLE while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Scotland has zero tolerance for drink driving. You are not allowed to consume any alcohol when driving. See:

Use THE VEHICLE for towing other vehicles or additional weights.

Add a bike rack or attach a roof box.

Drive THE VEHICLE outside of Scotland, England and Wales.

Overload THE VEHICLE with any unreasonable or disproportionate weight.

Transport goods of an explosive, dangerous or hazardous nature goods or goods that may cause damage to THE VEHICLE.

Break the Highway Code, road traffic laws or any other laws.

Smoke in the THE VEHICLE

Let pets stay or travel in the THE VEHICLE (only appplicable to the Fiat Motorhome, Bonnie)

Drive or take the motorhomes out of the UK (England, Scotland and Wales).

THE CUSTOMER may incur charges in addition to the HIRE CHARGE during the course of the HIRE PERIOD as follows:

Charges for loss or damage to THE VEHICLE, fixtures, fittings and equipment (even if it is accidental or non fault) this also includes windscreens.

An Insurance excess of £1000.00 for any insurance claim due to loss or damage.

A £50.00 charge for an un-emptied toilet cassette.

A £50.00 charge for an un-emptied waste water tank, if applicable.

A £50.00 refuelling service charge in addition to the cost of the fuel if THE VEHICLE is not returned with a full tank of fuel.

Late return charges of £50.00 per hour or part hour plus any additional costs incurred by Heatherlee Motorhomes as a result of the late return. Heatherlee Motorhomes will not accept any excuses for bringing the vehicles back late so it would be advised that you leave enough time to get back to us from wherever you are before 10am on the final day of your booking. This penalty is so we can offer a discount to the next customer for not having the motorhome ready for them at their time of collection. We are sure you would not like to be in this position as a result of someone else’s lateness, so we ask that you do not put others in such a position.

Any charges for additional cleaning beyond the standard cleaning regime Heatherlee Motorhomes perform to restore THE VEHICLE to its pre-hire condition, allowing for fair wear and tear.

In the event you damage the Motorhome. Heatherlee Motorhomes have an insurance excess of £1000 meaning we have to pay the first £1000 of any claim, we don’t expect you to pay this amount but this is what the refundable £500 security deposit is for, so you would pay the first £500 of any claim or damage loss etc inside or outside of the motorhome, or for any additional work that Heatherlee Motorhomes has to do to restore it to its orginal condition. If the motorhome and contents is returned back to us in the same condition as you picked it up in, you will get your full £500 security deposit returned in full within 2 weeks of returning the vehicle.

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